Scandinavian Nightmare

by Twin Pigs

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Ratfink Fancy a catchy scuzz-punk hatchet to your aural pleasure zones? These guys thrash it, yet have still have more hooks than a fisherman's tackle box. From its magnificent twin-vocal blend to the satisfyingly crunchy musicianship, it's hard core, lollipop-tinged gutter punk - and it rocks. Album of the year? Favorite track: Ghost Town.
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Twin Pigs second album.
Recorded and mixed at Dustward Studio by Stefan Brändström.
Mastering at Redmount Studios by Magnus Lindberg.
Artwork by Erik Melin

Guest appearances:
Edvard Haraldsen Valberg of Honningbarna (Cello and vocals on Gaping Headwound, vocals on Exiled in Stockholm and Citizen)
Groovy Nickz of Dolores Haze (vocals on Push The Button)
Death Eaters, Agnes Darelid - trombone, Ebba Gunnarsson - saxophone, Emma Granstam - trumpet (on Scandinavian Nightmare and Lollipop)

Luftslott Records 2018


released September 7, 2018


all rights reserved



Twin Pigs Stockholm, Sweden

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Track Name: I Hate My Brain
I really hate my trash bag brain!
Hate the way it makes me think
Asshole gooey slime
Makes me repeat myself all the time
I hate that it lives inside my head
Keeps me up at night
Says it is my size
But nothing fits quite right

Clinically sane – I hate my brain
Not quite sad, not quite content, I hate my brain
Clinically sane – I hate my brain
In a constant state of worry
Nervous, late and always sorry

I really hate my messed up brain!
I'm reduced to click bait and coffee
Nothing excites me, no
Not even the Golden Age of TV(-shows)
I hate the shallow shit
It makes me think and value
Is it only me?
Or are all our lives this empty?
Track Name: Scandinavian Nightmare
Always felt like the fat and funny kid
From a Spielberg film from the 1980's
Waiting for the protagonist to be kissed
Bystander to society
Comic relief, no one takes us seriously
Until we become hashtags or memes

Nightmare! Scandinavian nightmare! X1000

We're always expected to save the day
When the welfare system's down the drain
This is what you get when everything's for sale
All heroes are dead and we're too late

Track Name: Push The Button
Every nation
Searches for the answer
Like they really needed a church
When the world
Finally burns
Who will be holding the torch?
Let's count the minutes to midnight
Connected to a Doomsday site

Let the bombs start falling
Coz it's been a long time coming
Cobble your head as they split the atom
Go ahead and push the button!
Push the button x1000

Eyes peeled
Towards the west
We love America – as a part of my outfit
Coz our economy thrives
With every
Nuclear test
Let's feed the ones we love
To the impending war
Don't stop until the last bomb's launched
Don't stop until we found the answers we are searching for
Don't stop until the earth is scorched
Track Name: Total Narcissist 4-ever
My life’s an endless selfie
Zoom in, I’ll be your focus
Your mvp and heroine
I could call you my fan
But I’m too humble for it
Be nice so I can be your friend

Oh you’re making me blush blush
When speaking my name
But don’t go make any mush mush
By changing anything
Cause if you do I’m gonna crush crush
Your life will be insane
Oh yes I’m gonna Flush Flush
Track Name: Exiled in Stockholm
We all moved into the city
Sucked the life force out of this country
Coz we wanna work with social media
Get paid by stealing from Wikipedia
Exiled! - Exiled in Stockholm
Exiled! - Exiled in Stockholm
Exiled! - Exiled in Stockholm
Exiled! - Creative control consumes us whole!

And when all the devil's deals were made
To afford a place to stay
We knew it was already too late

Exiled in Stockholm x1000
Because you begged for it
Like you needed it
Now you’re stuck in it
Track Name: Heart Emoji
Internet ads in my browser
Keeps track of my search history
Who I am, likely to be
Replaces friends and family
I get emails every birthday
Keeps me company in a digital age
Don't judge while I waste away
Obsessed with single player games

What's up with the heart emoji?
Is it real or used ironically?
Like, do you really love me?
How can you tell when I don't even know me
I don't even know me

Internet ads in my browser
See nothing at all wrong with me
Feels nice to feel accepted
Even if all they accept is my money
Track Name: Gaping Headwound
See you blazing down the hallway
Through an alcoholic mist
Knowing there will be Hell to pay
For having the nerves to exist
Last rat on this sinking boat
In a room without a window
Please don't break my Super Nintendo
The last thing that keeps me afloat

I need you, I need you, I need you, I need you
Like I need a gaping head wound

Shadows in the afternoon sun
Never felt any homely warmth
Knowing there is no such thing
As shelter from the storm
Crooked teeth still reminds me
Of where I came from
Devil come to Hell
And stay where you belong

I need you x1000
Like we need America’s drones
Like I need a job
Like I need my student loans
Like I need a boss
Like I need a broken jawbone
Like I need the cross
Like I need a rip in my jeans
Like I need worm eaten beans
Like I need my nervous shakes
Like I need my headaches
Like I need the bourgeois
Like I need tape worms inside of me
Like I need a gaping headwound
Like I need you, like I need you...
Track Name: Lollipop
Wide awake in an IQ lacking land
Fire and brimstone, gnashing teeth
No air to breathe, sunless tanned
To cover up what's beneath
Luscious lashes, cold dead stare
Burning of pastel colored hair
Hell is empty – EMPTY
And the Devil's all here:

Triple heads with make up
All I want is a bat
To smash this system
Or my own head
People sucking on illusions
Like popstars sucking on lollipops
Glucose injection
To keep these creeps on top
And I cant wait, can't wait, can't wait
For their sugar to drop

Living dead in the Apocalypse
Hollow skulls and empty eyes
Accompanied by the kids of the abyss
With their haloes of flies
Stiff weird faces, perfect skin
Live broadcast in the face of armageddon
Welcome home – WELCOME HOME
To the black hole that we live in
Track Name: Ghost Town
Rehearsal spaces becomes parking lots
Make way for the corporate mascots
Everything needs to be clean
And it needs to make some money
It can't offend anybody
And it needs to be seen across the country

They're digging graves around us
Ghost town! Ghost town!
They're building tombs around us
Come one, come all
To this ghost town built inside cemetery walls

Raise the roof - make room for expansion
More banks, more fossil fuels to believe in
This can all be yours if you just let them!
Our lives are our temples
How much do you think we can get for them?

The floodgates are open
Drowning in entrepreneurs’ models of business
Beautiful necropolis
Track Name: DOGS
Can't decide what kind of dog
Are most intelligent:
The kind that knows all the trix,
Follows all obedient
Or the stubborn kind:
Ignore everything you say
Coz they know they're gonna
Have a place to stay at the end of the day (anyway)

You are a good boy aren’t you?
Will you follow do what they tell you?
Or bite the hand that feeds you?
What kind of dog defines you?

Ask yourself one simple question
Be truthful in what you believe:
When the nazis and cops move in
Who are your friends gonna be?

Track Name: Citizen
I am not a customer, client
Drone nor a service user
I am not a doggamn thief, beggar
Statistic in your computer

I am not a part of a clientele
Get me out of this free market hell

I'm not a National Insurence Number – blip on a screen
I don't judge other people based on the color of their skin
I don't accept of seek (any) charity, thanks for asking
I just ask for some common respect and decency

Not an X on a curve, a graph
A model made out of silicone
I am not a valuation reserve
Digitilized flesh and bone
Track Name: Human Hybrid
Light, camera
Everybody to their places
Ready, action
All eyes on the main attraction
Human hybrid
Never gets too excited
All complete with
Chestbusting anxiety
Can't believe it's real!

I heard chaos is a ladder
But I think it's more of an actor
Dead space, backstage, on a swing
Not feeling for anything

When was the last time we felt alive - I can’t really recall
Do androids dream of electric sheep - do we dream at all?

We are the last
Of a lost civilization
Drifting in vacuum
Only wanted when they need you
Nobody hears you
Screaming in space or internally
All complete with
Chestbusting anxiety
Can't believe it's real!
Track Name: Death and Hatred to Hardcore
This one's for all the people
Arms crossed in the back
The kids who just want out of
This sub cultural cul-de-sac
Unruly kids, unruly haircuts
Half assed stage dives
What's the point
To keep Hard Core alive?

The feeling of spending tons of kronor
Standing around just wanting out
Just want this shit to be over
Standing around just wanting out

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