Chaos, baby!

by Twin Pigs

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released November 4, 2016

Recorded and mixed by Stefan Brändström in Dustward Studios.
Mastered by Tommy Tift in Studio Motion.
Artwork by Malin Ringsby.


tags: punk Stockholm


all rights reserved


Twin Pigs Stockholm, Sweden

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Track Name: Alright, poets!
Alright, poets! – I know your game
Things are things – they’re all the same
You are the things that I can’t get past
You are my student loans, skies with drones
Leave me alone!
I think that I’m paranoid
Voices from the void
They want me destroyed
What are you – what are you
Talking about? – Talking about?
What have you heard? – what have you heard?
Is there something I should know about
Or are these dead cats at my door just for show?
Track Name: Give Me Death
Some things you do just to see
If this Is fake or real
Or how bad it will make you feel
Getting in to fights
Bones break like twigs
If you can’t beat them make them bleed like pigs
Black smoke shaped like Baphomet
Give me chaos, or give me death – Give me death!
Getting in to fights
Bones break like twigs
If you can’t beat them make them bleed like pigs
Paint your pentagrams
Chalk and delirium
Plunge yourself into the depths of oblivion
Give me chaos, give me death x 1000
Track Name: Got Enough
My mind’s crumbling like week old bread
Got enough, got enough of it in your head
Paranoia, fear, terror and dread
Got enough, got enough of it in your head
Got enough, got enough of it in your head
Got enough, got enough of it in your head
I’m not saying I’m a vampire but it feels like it
Been alive for 1000 years – everything’s still shit
Sunlight doesn’t burn my skin – but I wish it did
Burn this body take me off the grid
Tired of punk rock wish it was dead
Got enough, got enough of it in your head
Tired of the internet wish it was dead
Got enough, got enough of it in your head
Got enough, got enough of it in your head
Got enough, got enough of it in your head
Track Name: Possessed
I used to be the coolest kid
Nowadays I just wanna stay in bed
Steady diet of garlic bread
Dead space outside my head
I miss the voice between my ears
It has been gone for several years
It gave me ideas of what to do;
Like, cover my arms in bad tattoos
I liked me better when I was possessed!
Fat sick and nearly dead
Tired of punching the machine
Want something more to believe in
Where's the daemon in my head
Where's the monsters under my bed
Stuck at my computer screen
Giving up as a daily routine
I want to go to crust punk shows
At the same time I don't
I was a wolf in sheep clothes
Where did the wolf go
I want to hang out with the freaks
I wanna sink real low
I want my devil on my shoulder
Like a friend that never lets me go
Track Name: Sunset Fever
Full moon, blue eyes
The waterfall was a nice surprise
Now the sundeck is covered in blood
And I'm in chains and can't get up
I feel the monkey's around my neck
I hear the snakes under my bed
I cannot move or hide
I saw the sun go down
That's when it all began
The sunset fever hit
like lightning again
I try to memorize
What keeps me mesmerized
And try to minimize
the after effects
I ate 14 berries they had these worms inside
Now I'm trying to keep them fed
They get mangos every night in bed
I hope I'm keeping them alive
So they can eat me from inside
It's better than it's now
Track Name: Six Inch Car
When I was a kid
Things seemed so much easier
Like the politics of do not tell and don't get caught
Like the politics of "share what you've got"
Share the toys, the games the soda pops
If you got more than me I'd protest loud
Karl Marx would have been so proud
I got a six inch car in my pocket
You wanna ride, you wanna ride?
And all the kids
I knew when I was a kid
Grew up to pursue the things I never did
Now they are all doctors, lawyers and such
Now they're all everything that I am not
They all got more than me and I still protest loud
Karl Marx would have been so proud
Track Name: The Ludovico Technique
The Ludovico Technique
Keeps me glued to a screen
Feeds me information
That I don't think I really need
The USB port in my arm is bleeding megabits
Hook me up I need my fix
Walking around with spiral eyes
While something inside of me dies
Life on repeat!
I admit defeat!
Ludovicio Technique
The colors of the real world
And all the places I have never been
Seem really real when
You viddy them to a TV screen
Track Name: Burning Flag
Great Scott! - when are we?
Shaved heads are back in style - history repeats
Great Scott – when are we?
Fast sunglasses, swastikas and nationalistic pride
Colonial pigs
Sexist, macho trash bags
I want them dead
Impaled by their burning flag
I am not - an historian
But I thought that we were done with this fucking shit
Where's my - DeLorean?
Take me back to the future where nazis are extinct
Track Name: Planet Of The Apes
50 cups of coffee
Better get my move on
Clothes on - don't be late
Slave away like a dirty ape
Life’s hard
Infected by the Simian Flu
Life's like
Donkey Kong Country 2
Life SUX!
Dawn of the Bullshit age
Domesticated by the ruling class
Longer chains, bigger cage
It's a madhouse and they own your ass
Going apeshit on minimal wage
Watching sci-fi to numb my brain
Anything to help me escape
The planet of the apes!
Life SUX x 1000
Track Name: Piss And Saliva
There are bad things living inside all of us;
Politicians, murderers, cancer, pus
And of course the doggamn cops
I think I should cut me open
Take out all of them bad things
Replace them with things less broken
Drenched in piss and saliva
Is this life or just survival?
Captive's on this barren Earth
Is there life after birth?
Stick some fingers down my throat
I want everything inside of me out
Intestines, tapeworms and my bones
And when I'm all empty inside
Oh what a time to be alive
Maybe then I can feel human for once in my life

Drenched in piss x 1000
Track Name: Government Setup
Alien virus in my nervous system
The things they say didn't happen
Is that blood or is it ketchup?
Is this real or just a setup?
Yeah do you know, yeah do you know
It's a government setup it is
Yeah do you know, yeah do you know
No trust!
UFO's and faceless enemies
Is this real or are my eyes deceived?
Mind controlled by government chemtrails
The truth is out there - I want to believe
Track Name: Vertigo
I know how it feels
When the flames
From the bridges
To the future stings
Stopped counting all greater things
That I could or would have been
All hope for me is dead and gone
The bottom feels like solid ground
Mixed with the mud and bones below
At the bottom but in vertigo
I'm that orange cat
Saying "hang in there"
On the poster
Hanging on your wall
Blu tack getting old I'm losing grip
Not hanging on to anything at all